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Wow, talk about something different! I was introduced to the idea of Pen Spinning a few weeks back by an acquaintance and was immediately taken in by the idea.

Pen spinning is a form of contact juggling which uses small writing tools like pens or pencils to perform various amazing tricks. It’s all about the dexterity of your fingers. Here’s a link to a pretty cool Pen Spinning website from Jakks Pacific where you can watch pen spinners in action.

For those of you interested in trying out pen spinning, Jakks Pacific has introduced a line of SpinZ pens. They write like normal pens but are specially designed for pen spinners to make their craft easier. They also spare them hours of labor on creating their own pens.

The SpinZ product line also includes ModZ which are accessories to uniquely customize the pens. This fad is rapidly catching on with novices as well as with expert pen spinners who have a diverse collection of tricks at their fingertips. Pen spinning is no longer a casual activity to kill time if you are bored. It is now a skill in itself to be developed and marveled over.

You can take a look at the Pen Spinning from Jakks if you’re interested in pursuing this art, or simply for something different to do once you’re back to school.