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Introducing children to new cultures is a great idea as most kids are extremely receptive and perceptive at a young age. Many people feel that, in the not so distant future, China and the Chinese economy will exert an enormous influence worldwide. Keeping this in mind, the DVD series The Adventures of Walker and Ping Ping is a wonderful way to give your kids their first glimpse into China and the Chinese culture. The charming and well animated stories are narrated from the perspective of a child. Children will enjoy the simple, yet powerful stories and pick up some basic Chinese along the way.
  • Great way to introduce kids to Chinese culture
  • Helps kids learn the Chinese language
  • Nicely paced storyline holds viewers’ attention
  • I wish the DVD was longer than 25 minutes


Guide Review – The Adventures of Walker and Ping Ping

The Adventures of Walker and Ping Ping is a refreshing and educational series of DVDs based on China and Chinese culture. One of the main characters, Walker, is an American boy who lives with his parents in Hong Kong. His little Chinese friend, Ping Ping, teaches him Chinese and is also his partner in their many adventures together.The storyline provides fascinating insights into what life in China is really like from the perspective of a child. The sights and sounds of Hong Kong and other places in China, including the streets, the people and the food are beautifully rendered in the DVDs. The details are fabulous and I actually felt like I was transported into China. A very big plus is that the DVD introduces kids to basic Chinese words. Young children have the uncanny ability to pick up new words and pronounciations perfectly, which is an asset which should not be allowed to go to waste.

It’s wonderful to learn about and appreciate new cultures. I fell in love with these charming DVDs and highly recommend them. As awareness about China and Chinese culture continues to grow worldwide, it is a good idea to have your children watch The Adventures of Walker and Ping Ping.