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Music is one of the essentials of our lives, now more than ever. Kids these days have big dreams of making their own music and making their mark in the music business especially with the advent of shows like the American Idol. It’s not really surprising that merchandise relating to music is flying off the shelves.

The Guitar Hero Air Rocker from Jada Toys Inc is the latest addition to this music mania. The Air Rocker allows kids and adults alike to emulate their favorite rock idols. A patented technology is used in Air Guitar consisting of guitar pictures, an awesome belt buckle and a portable mini amplifier. With an air guitar in hand, the user waves the picture over the belt buckle sensor to determine the tempo of the song, which can be heard through the mini-amplifier. An Air Cartridge is included which features ten signature guitar riffs with the skill levels ranging from 1 to 5.

Also included are epic hits that have appeared throughout the Guitar Hero franchise and five original Guitar Rocker riffs. A demo mode is also included which allows users to listen to the tracks first, and then master the riffs on their own. Plugging this baby up to an external speaker system will lend an authentic mind blowing experience. Now anyone can step into their favorite idol’s shoes and experience the rock star thrill.