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Halloween is made up of the weird and the wonderful. Everyone wants to stand out from the rest at Halloween time. A great way to stand out is to wear a striking costume. Aliens are fascinating because we know so little about them. This Halloween, pick up an alien Halloween costume and startle everyone around!

Martian G Alien Costume

1. Martian G Child

This cool Halloween alien costume includes a light green plastic alien mask, attached dark green bandana with the “A 51” logo on it, goatee, black eyes with small holes to provide adequate vision and breathing hole in the mouth area, dark green polyester pullover top with “A 51” logo on the front, green shiny collar and a silver-like spaceship medallion. Priced at $29.99, this costume will help you rock on, outer space styl

Parasitic Twin Costume

2. Parasitic Twin Pre-Teen Costume

Imagine having a creepy weird parasite on your shoulder. Scary indeed! This is exactly what you’re kid can get with the parasitic twin pre teen costume. This unique outfit priced at $26.99 includes a very real-looking, dirty, blue sanatorium smock to which your nasty looking alien partner is attached, and a pair of baggy pants makes this comfortable but ghoulish costume complete.

Biohazard Collector3. Biohazard Costume

Somebody needs to clean up after all that biodegradable and alien mess out there. The upside is collecting candies and looking so cool and scary in the process. This outstanding outfit retailing at $36.99 includes a creepy futuristic sci-fi mask with wires hanging from the eye sockets, and an attached realistic toy respirator, white fabric fake-bloodstained jumpsuit, fake bloodstained white gloves, and a white matching hood.

Alien Child Costume4. Alien Child Costume

Halloween is not complete without the authentic alien costume for every sci-fi loving child out there. This out of the world outfit retailing at $23.99 includes a black robe with green and silver accents, attached foam collar, and latex alien mask.

Area 51 Halloween Costume5. Area 51 Costume

All the mystery surrounding the famous area 51 has made it more and more appealing. This costume capitalizes on this interest. The Area 51 Child Costume retailing at $26.99 includes a black jumpsuit (Reads: “AREA 51 No Trespassing”), an alien brain and half face headpiece, and a black hood. Talk about authentic.