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Must Have – Hottest Toyz of 2008

Posted on: September 23, 2008

Keep up with the trends in Toy Land with these newest, hottest toys to hit the market. Make your child a trendsetter with the latest toys that all his/her friends can ooh and ahh about! This page is continuously updated, so you may want to add it to your Favorites!

Girl Tech Stylin’ Studio

Most little girls love dressing up. As a parent of a princess-in-the-making, I know this for a fact. So, I was pretty impressed by this little gadget, the Stylin’ Studio from Radica, which allows you to take a picture, modify it digitally and give yourself the look of your choice, complete with makeup, accessories, a brand new hairstyle and a cool background. Wait, there’s no need to stop at just yourself. After you’ve finished having fun with your own picture, you can always start on your friends and family. Now, just imagine your brother with curly locks. This thing really has potential. Wink!


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